Full run down test Cahaya 2500mah lipo

Time for a test to see how long I can get out of this new lipo, wind was calm 1-3 mph. I rain the AR Drone with the weight of the Parrot GPS Flight recoder and the Mirumod installed.

In total 533grams.

Fully charged lipo and landed when it read 35% left on the Freeflight app.

I got 17 mins which is the longest flight battery tested thus far, even though it doees make the ar drone a bit sluggish and slow to respond to any wind blowing it about.

If course this was just a boring hover flight and I would expect less flying it about and I still think while the lipo is new , a time of around 15mins without running battery down too low will be a good result.

I could have got longer than 17mins if I had ran lipo down lower, but I dont think its worth it as anything less than 35% left is going kill the battery real quick.

Anyway, the lipo used just over 1500mah in that 17mins flight

Without weight of the Parrot gps flight recoder and Mirumod and just a stock AR Drone, I think a easy 20 mins flight is there with this lipo.

I personally think you gain so much better control , especially in the wind with the Mirumod that its a no brainer to fit one and if you not upto soldering then you can buy the board all ready made.


As I have already mentioned this is the longest running lipo I have tested in the AR Drone 2.0 and bear in mind if you try and fit the Parrot GPS Recorder aswell, you are going to have to cut away the foam inside the shell and also velco wont really be long enough and either mod it or make sure shell cant come off in flight.

I only had the Parrot GPS unit installed to test flight times as I believe anything inder 8/10 metres the gps does nothing to stabilize the craft, as at under 8/10 metres it only uses the sonar and the bottom camera for position hold, GPS only helps stabilize high up and if course if you want to use waypoints.

Video of the battery running down to 35%.

Shall be testing a very different battery next if all goes well………..







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