AR Drone 2.0 Motor fixed

Replaced the burnt out chip on the AR Drone motor pcb today and put it all back together and connected battery and hit take off and motor spun up and then motors cut out.


Tried again and same thing.


Lucky enough I did buy 4 of them anyways.

So pulled it all apart and this time replaced the other 2 MOSFETS and tried again and his time all works fine 🙂

So looks although only 1 chip blew apart it does indeed kill all 3 and for future if/when this happens again, will have to replace all 3 at a time and not just the one thats blown apart.


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4 Responses to AR Drone 2.0 Motor fixed

  1. What’s the name of mosfet ? thanks

  2. graz27 says:

    The MOSFET is – DMC3028LSD

    • sirxenos says:

      Ok, because on mine there’s wrote (it’s so little) DMC3021LD .
      It’s the same ?
      Thank You

      • graz27 says:

        Your one (DMC3021LSD) is slighty better than the orginal I had in mine, so you could replace with another DMC3021LSD or even the one I used would work, but slighty weaker if you cant get your original one.

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