Linn says fairwell to the CD disk

Linn, The hi-fi system manufacture wont be making any more machines that play cd’s from 2010.

I am sure there will be loads of others to follow as the cd disk goes the way of the vinyl records and cassette tapes, which are still made now I know, but a very specialist sector now.

I am very much for change and the future for music I feel is stores like iTunes, but as with so many new technologies now, it is a shame that people these days wont be going down to there local store browsing some great covers and packaging that the older vinyl, tapes cassette, and cd box’s used to be, and also being in a real store with real people, not a link on a page etc.

Once broadband speeds get much faster Movies will def go the same way.

For music at least, people will still go to concerts and gigs, but with the ever bigger size of TV’s, and the picture and sound quality you get now, and the fact most screens at movie hall screens are so darn small now, I think the movie industry has a little wake up call on the cards…

Does make me wonder at times, what the world will be like in 50 years time?

Will everyone be doing everything from home, and the interaction with people and the world be very limited by then?

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