Michael Schumacher return to Formula one

Very intrested to read Michael Schumacher was thinking of making a return for Massa who would pprob be out of racing for a while.
As it turned out it was no rumour and the 40 year old is making a comeback at the next race. That takes a lot of guts to step back into the F1 scene again.
When you leave any sport at the height and then try a comeback, there is always a big risk you wont do so well and it takes the shine of all you did in the past.
But Michael seems to have still worked hard on keeping fit and that for sure gives him a chance, but still must be hard trying to compete against some drivers who are 20 years younger in F1 now. But if he can still pull some magic out of that 40 year old body, he will go down in history even more so.
Shall be great to see how he does and for sure, he wil draw big tv and race audiences for his come back, and I hope he does well.

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