Macworld Jan 2008

Its that time of year already when Steve or Jesus to his many loyal apple fans shows what new tricks he has up his sleeve.

I would expect it surely to be some kind of ultra laptop with a flash drive of some sort, maybe wimax too? And of course with a apple price tag to match. 😉

A updated 3g iPhone for later in the year? Maybe with gps in it?

For sure Movie rentals, iphone SDK…

Tune in on the web on the many sites at 5pm UK time to find out what treasures he will dish up 😉

For sure it will be a darn sight more intresting then CES 2008 seemed to be from all I have read.

Put me down for the updated iPhone, since I have been able to install 3rd party apps, it does everything I need it to now and have to say its the best phone I have used 🙂

So hopefully in the next version they will make sure it supports all that any mobile phone comes with these days with that great interface 🙂

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