Wet May bank holiday

For sure with almost 2 inches of rain and a total of 3 inches, my word May has been terrible! I feel sorry for all those that either came to Southend for the Airshow or were trying to take part in it. I heard very few planes fly over and I guess they tried there best for those brave enough, to brave the wet and cold winter weather!  To add insult to injury, the weather for Tues when it was all over was much better. Such a shame for all the invents over the hols and I was myself looking forward to going down to the see front here and having a mingle and watching the show. Lets all hope that maybe next year, we can have some summer weather in a summer month for a change! Anyway, got some more work done on my Honda CX500 Eurosport that I picked up last year and hopefuly if we do actually get some summer this year, will have some fun out on 2 wheels again after a break of I guess 13/14 years 😉 . Anyone wishing for a ride someplace on the summer , drop me a line, more so if like me, you have been bitten again by the draw of a bike 😉 I also recently picked up a Honda CB600 and that will be also a project for either later in the year or next summer… Take care all you bikers and peace and care to you all.

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2 Responses to Wet May bank holiday

  1. Bill says:

    Do you know if much flew on Bank Hol Monday? I was going to come down but it didn’t seem worth it. Just spent today in the rain at Hever Castle in Kent – at least it’s dry inside castles!

  2. Graham says:

    Never made it down there either, but I was told more flew than I expected in the poor weather. I even heard the Boeing made the fly by too.
    Hope all that went, did get something from it apart from colds 😉
    So much for global warming 😉

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