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The end of buying cheap cd’s online?

The British Phonographic Industry took legal action against CDWow and won a ruling for them to pay £35million in damages. I guess now people in the UK will have to carry on paying more than many other countries for there … Continue reading

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Wet May bank holiday

For sure with almost 2 inches of rain and a total of 3 inches, my word May has been terrible! I feel sorry for all those that either came to Southend for the Airshow or were trying to take part … Continue reading

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Southend Airshow washout 2007

Sadly as the weather people predicted, the weather Sunday 28th May was terrible, and although I never strayed further than my shed out back, I doubt there was much flying at the Airshow down here. It did stop for a … Continue reading

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Longhorn reloaded

Intresting that a project is being built on the old windows Longhorn code and they have labeled it “Longhorn Reloaded” I remember trying that out before Microsoft dropped it and worked on and brought to market what we know now … Continue reading

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Asda to drop cd singles

Asda is now the latest store to drop singles from its shelves, mainly due to digital downloads. I guess it wont be too much longer, before cd’s on shelves as some of us have known, is another thing that others … Continue reading

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Southend Airshow

Was going to give a plug to a event down here where I live , but in true UK fashion the website for the Southend Airshow is down 😉 I will attach the link in case they do fix it … Continue reading

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Fairwell cassette tapes

“Electronics retailer Currys says it will no longer stock cassette tapes, and cassette equipment is also scheduled to vanish in the next 18 months” “The tape was born in 1963 when Philips launched the format which went on to gain … Continue reading

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