Fairwell to Michael Schumacher

Well its a fact now, Michael is retiring at the end of the 2006 season.

A stunning drive today, and there have been many over the years I have watched this sport.

But for me, he was one of the last bigger than life charactors left in he sport. Sadly in my view, thesedays with so much worry about safety and also drivers having to act like PR bill boards, a lot of the bright charactors have long since moved on or retired.

For so many sports now with these big budgets, its making the sport more dull, and Michael Schumacher was one of the last colorful drivers out there.

Full credit to him for not only the great victory today, but also in leaving at the top.

Motor Racing will be a far duller place next year for sure..

Good luck in clinching that 8th world champship before you go!

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