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Adopt Ileach dolphins

Another plug, but a worthwhile one is if you have a few spare pounds each month, why not adopt a Dolphin? Or as a gift for someone? Such beautiful and gentle creatures 🙂

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Volume control for iPod

Apple has now released a free download where parents or owners of there iPod’s can now set the max level at which there players will go. Although here in nanny state Europe , the iPod’s we buy here already have … Continue reading

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Not really into doing plugs, but this one is worth it 😉 This is a teeth whitening kit, and from my own use, and recommending it to friends, if you really want to get nice white teeth, then give this cool … Continue reading

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Odigo – Sort of back

One of my favorite messengers, abiet one that is no longer updated is Odigo. Although you get a lot of jerks on there at times, I have also found some really great friends, and the option to live search … Continue reading

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James Bond to ditch tuxedo

Have to say after reading that the new Bond was going be blonde, then he will ditch his Aston Martin for a Ford Mondeo, and now wont be wearing a familar Tux in the next film as they want a … Continue reading

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Honda’s Robot (ASIMO)

The Honda robot (ASIMO) still amazes me, if you have never heard or seen this amazing technology from Honda, you must go to this web site and check out the pics and especially the video’s they have on there. The way … Continue reading

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F1 in Bahrain

Well, I was looking forward to the new season and more so as it was going have a new qualifying session and also tyre changes in the race again! 🙂 I found last years racing a bore to be honest, … Continue reading

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